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Announcing the Health & Safety Excellence program

Updated: Apr 10

The WSIB has now launched their Excellence program and Dunk & Associates is pleased to be an approved provider. The Excellence Program replaces all other incentive programs such as Safety Groups and Small Business Incentive, and this will now be the only opportunity for employers in Ontario to receive rebates on their annual WSIB premiums. What is the Excellence program? Simply put, it is a rebate incentive program which allows employers to earn back part of their WSIB premiums. The program meets you where you are at, by asking you to select topics to improve your health and safety program and performance. This means there is a rebate of your 2020 premiums available for the work you do in Health & Safety. As you complete your selected topics, you earn a minimum of $1000 per topic up to $50,000 per topic, capped at 75% of your WSIB 2020 premium dollars. Participating can pay for itself, and you have the chance to impact your premiums in the long term. By enrolling in the Excellence program, you’ll gain the knowledge and competencies you need to succeed.

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