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Where were you in January of 2000? A Message from the Desk of Nancy Dunk

There was so much panic, excitement and speculation about the year 2000 and it brought concerns of “will our computers fail”, “will our systems crash”, and “will the world end”? For me, it was about a new way of life and a new adventure! It was the first full year of operations of Dunk & Associates.

Yes, 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of my company and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you and the journey we have had together. Over the past 20 years my children have worked in the business, we have faced the death of loved ones, we have seen illnesses, managed the SARs outbreak, and witnessed government changes and economic struggles. When we first began, WSIB Safety Group in Ontario was our first program, and today we now serve over 300 businesses with more than 5,000 workplaces in every Province and Territory across Canada.

In 2000, our first full year of business, my husband Craig offered me the best gift to, “go ahead and try. If it fails, I will be here! If it succeeds, then we can support our kids and community!” Without Craig, none of this would have worked; he took the role of Father and Husband to the fullest degree and made sure that our family never missed.

Now, as we look back in 2020, our programs are utilized by Canadian companies throughout the America’s, Germany and Australia. Our Systems 24-7 platform is multi-lingual, with over 350 modules being utilized by workers every day! Our policies, forms and content are vetted, updated and supported by an extraordinary group at Dunk, and we are all proud to serve you. Whether your needs are technology, design, health and safety, human resources, wellness, claims or a professional to chat with, we are here to serve.

But beyond business success, our greatest success is in our staff. I am proud to say that we have the most dedicated, professional, and focused group of technical, programming, graphic, support, service, and professional staff. There is not a day that goes by when each one does not give their best to see us succeed and ensure that our client needs are always met with enthusiasm and care.

I truly cannot tell you the steps we took to get here, but I know that God’s hand and touch has been with me every step of the way; from the times when I feared we would not make payroll, to supporting an Employer with a fatality in their workplace, I have been gifted. Our clients are exceptional people, who support what we do and have pushed Dunk & Associates to where we are today. With that said, I give you my deepest thanks and appreciation.

So now where to? We celebrate!!!! In 2020 we are planning celebration activities, conferences, and so much more. Please stay tuned and journey with us as we celebrate 20 years of Dunk & Associates in 2020!


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