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They touched my BUTT!

Unbelievable, in this day and age, how many calls we get, at Dunk & Associate, from our retail clients and they tell us one of their good customers keeps touching and grabbing their employees. Oh, it is not just the “dirty old men”, the demographic spans all ages and genders. It is hard to believe in 2020 that this is still happening and the responses we get.

Employees tell us:

  • “oh, they are harmless, just goofing.”

  • “I don’t really mind, I guess I am flirting.”

  • “They are a paying customer, what can I do?”

  • “I told them no, but because I reacted, they now think it’s a joke. If I ignore it, maybe it will stop.”

Employers comment:

  • “I don’t like it, but how do I handle this?”

  • “It is just too uncomfortable of a conversation to have.”

  • “I never witnessed it, but I have heard this about that customer.”

We all have a role to play in stopping this unwanted, unwarranted and illegal behaviour!


  • Tell the customer to stop and that their actions/words are unwelcome.

  • Tell your supervisor.

  • Speak with your co-workers that you will no longer deal with that customer.


  • Speak with the customer and inform them that the behaviour and words are not appropriate, and they are to stop. Give them a change to change their behaviour.

  • If the behaviour continues, write them a letter explain that this must stop, or they will be banned from the store and ensure you are clear in what is written as the unacceptable behaviour.

  • If the verbal and written has not worked; ban them from your property.

  • Call the police as needed for assault and escalating behaviours.

We all have responsibilities when it comes to the protection of each other, these few simple ideas will make your retail space, safe and free for all to use.


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