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Plan to Achieve or Fail in Excellence

Many members of our Excellence program are asking with how to succeed in earning their largest possible rebate. The answer is simple! Plan! If you plan the 5 steps for each topic you have selected, you will succeed. Planning is imperative to your success in the Excellence program.

Don’t make this planning step a burden on you. Seek the input of all employees. Make each employee a stakeholder in your program; their ideas and opinions are the inclusions that the program requires. When you successfully gain the participation of all employees, you have begun the journey to excellence.

As many of you know, Dunk & Associates takes the 5 steps of implementation and applies this to all projects and programs we offer. To ensure success in the Excellence program, the 5-Steps of implementation need planning.

Step 1 – Standard, Policy

  • Do you have a policy or does one need to be created? Does it include all the WSIB requirements of the topic? Who will review this policy (ensure you include representation from every department and level of workers)? What is the timeline for the review/creation to be completed?

Step 2 – Communication

  • How will you communicate? How do you ensure it is effective? How often will you communicate? Remember to include who is responsible for this step.

Step 3 – Training

  • How and who will determine who needs to be trained? What type of delivery will it be; eLearning, webinar, in-person, etc.? As always, ensure there is a test or validation of knowledge transfer at the end of the training. Don’t forgot to keep record of the training, who participated, and how the training took place.

Step 4 – Evaluation

  • This step cannot be completed until steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed. Determine in the planning stage who will be evaluating, when this will be done and what is being evaluated for each topic chosen.

Step 5 – Success and Making Improvement

  • This step has two parts and is based on the findings in step 4. What did you identify in step 4 that was working? How will you recognize that success? Recognition can be at staff meetings, memo’s, company newsletters. Where deficits were found, create an action plan for improvement. Ensure that both steps are followed through. Don’t skip this step!

Dunk & Associates has developed a detailed worksheet template to assist you in recording your plan of success. This worksheet must be completed for all of your selected topics and submitted to Dunk prior to Dunk approving your topics on the WSIB portal. We need to see clearly what you are working on. Show us and tell us what is “new” to your firm. Be detailed and thorough in your planning. The more effort you put forth now, the easier it will be to implement and entrench your topics in the workplace.

Remember to update your worksheets as needed and as your plan changes. Here at Dunk, we understand these are unprecedented times, and we understand you may need to adjust your plans. Your worksheets will be part of your evidence submission to the WSIB when your topic is completed. Planning makes this journey easy and attainable

As always, if you need assistance selecting topics or with any step along the way, please reach out to us at Dunk & Associates. Even if you’re having trouble getting started; give us a call or send an email. We will be more than happy to get you started on your journey in Excellence!


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