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I Need a Sit – to – Stand Desk to Save my Back!

Sit-to-stand desks are becoming more and more popular in office and home work spaces. I think this is because we’ve correlated sitting as the new smoking addiction. Yes, sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your back, and your body overall, but so is standing for prolonged periods of time, or sitting on an exercise ball.

If you are having back troubles from sitting all day, standing may not be the best option. Before you splurge on that fancy sit to stand desk, why not try these options or solutions first.

  • Make sure everything is set up properly, or the best for ergonomic design. We’ve included one with this article for you to use. Sometimes all it takes is re-adjusting your chair to help ease back pain. Remember comfortable, doesn’t mean ergonomically correct!

  • Don’t focus on just your back but stretch your whole body as well. Everything is connected. If your hip flexors are too tight, they can pull your pelvis out of line, and start to cause back pain. See our stretching posters to try at your desk.

  • Staying in the same posture for too long, sitting or standing, isn’t good for the body in general. So instead of getting the sit-to-stand desk, make an attempt to get up, and move from your desk more. Set a timer if you have too. Stand while on the phone. Read documents while standing. Take 3 minutes at your desk to do some standing stretches. JUST MOVE. Moving increases blood flow, prevents muscles from getting tight, and helps with overall heart health.

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