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Challenges of being a virtual worker

There is a difference between being left alone to focus and complete your work and being isolated. I am a virtual worker, and I struggle with this position every day. Working alone isn’t for everyone, so how can you survive as a virtual worker if you feel like you don’t fit in? Let’s explore some solutions to keep you valuable, productive, and happy.

What are your options for interacting with others?

  • Can you video chat instead of just audio chat?

  • Can you work at a co-worker’s house for a collaborate project? The weather’s nice, maybe you could sit outside for a socially distanced work lunch.

When I became a virtual worker some of the biggest differences for me were in my daily routine. I no longer had a commute, so while some days I’d grumble about the traffic on the way into work, or the length of the drive-thru line at Timmy’s, I had regular interactions with people that I genuinely started to care about and would become concerned if I didn’t see them in my routine for a few days in a row. This would be expressed back to me if I didn’t show up at the drive-thru for a few days too. While we might not know much about each other, these small interactions I found had a bigger impact for me than I ever thought of before I became a virtual worker.

With each different work environment there can be challenges found; so how do you rise above your work environmental challenges? What small actions do you take to keep you space happy, healthy and productive? Let us know, we love to share ideas!

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