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Clear, Concise and Convincing

If you’ve been reading Excellence articles or participating in Excellence webinars recently, you’ve likely heard the words “clear, concise and convincing.” These three “C” words are the key to telling the WSIB validators your story and earning your well-deserved rebate. As the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program is in its first year, Dunk & Associates is still learning exactly what the WSIB validators will be looking for. However, in all of the learning sessions we’ve participated in, they’ve consistently brought up clear, concise and convincing. How will this impact your evidence submission? Let’s take a deep dive into the concept.

Be Clear.

When you are filling in your Evidence Story and Evidence Upload templates, ensure you are being clear with your writing. Sometimes when writing, it is easy to get bogged down by tangents and details that aren’t specific to the topic itself. This will not help paint a clear picture for the WSIB validators. Look at the questions being asked in the left-hand column of the template. Are you clearly answering those key questions, or is the answer muddled in the content? What clearly demonstrates to the WSIB validators your topic is living and breathing in your workplace? While completing this step, consider having a coworker read through your story. If they can’t piece together your story, the WSIB validators likely won’t be able to either.

Be Concise.

The Evidence Story Template is your one chance to tell the WSIB validators about the work you’ve done in the program. Make sure you are providing information that is specifically relevant the topic. Write your Evidence Story with clear and straightforward language. Avoid filler words and long rambling sentences. Answer the questions in the templates and keep it simple. If any information is not tied directly to the topic implementation, don’t include it.

Be Convincing.

Tell a convincing story. Use persuasive language and refer to evidence that proves the topic is entrenched in your workplace. Even if the topic wasn’t 100% successfully implemented, talk about that too! Tell the validator what you’ve learned and how you will address the items that need work.

Remember, you and your workplace have put a lot of time, effort, and resources into completing these topics. Don’t let your efforts fall by the wayside by providing a muddled and confusing story to the validators. Be clear, be concise and be convincing!

Dunk will be discussing the evidence submission portion of the Excellence program in our upcoming Excellence Touchpoint on Thursday, October 8th at the beginning of the presentation. Join us to learn more about the process and how to earn that rebate! Log into the Excellence portal to register.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to us. We are here to help. Call us toll free at 1-866-754-8839 or email


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