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... Additional Evidence Required?

You’ve submitted your evidence to the WSIB. You’re proud of your efforts, and to your surprise, it’s been marked as Additional Evidence Required. Immediately, your heart sinks and you think you’ve failed this topic.

This is not the case, and don’t get discouraged! You now have the opportunity to strengthen your story and prove to the validators that your company earned the rebate.

If your evidence is marked as "Additional Evidence Required", the validator has found a gap or some missing pieces in the implementation and is looking for additional information. The validator will clearly outline what is needed to close the gap and will advise you of the date additional evidence will need to be submitted by. If one of your topics is marked for additional evidence, you will receive an email from the WSIB portal which will prompt you to log in to and view the validators notes.

The validator will explain what needs more clarification. This could be something as simple as providing an audit report or a copy of an updated policy. There is also the possibility that you may have some extra work to do to further implement the topic. The good news is that you have sixty days from the time the validator reviews your submission to submit the additional evidence required. Use the sixty days to pull together evidence items that close the gaps identified by the validator and upload them to the portal.

Keep in mind you will only have the capability to upload one item on the portal as additional evidence. If the validator is looking for a few items, ensure you merge all evidence items into one document and upload onto the portal.

Please reach out to us at Dunk & Associates if you need help or guidance with your additional evidence. We can provide suggestions and ideas to help you close the gap and will review all additional evidence submitted on the portal before it goes back to the validators.

Remember, you must submit your evidence within sixty days of the validators request. If you do not submit anything to the validators within the sixty day gap, your topic will be marked as incomplete and no rebate earned. Be aware of your timelines and ensure you submit within that sixty day window.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to Holly at 1-866-754-8839 or email us at

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