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Engaging with your Employees Online

When using a business management platform, like Systems 24-7, there are many ways to interact with your employees in a meaningful way. Let’s start changing our language from “management portal” to “employee portal”!

A good employee portal provides employees with access to their important employment-related resources, such as your Health & Safety or HR programs, online training, etc. However, if you’re only using it to host documents and training, you are missing a huge opportunity to create an engaging experience. Why is this important? It will help you motivate and maintain your staff!

Here are six tips to make the experience more meaningful:

Do something to require employees to login daily

You want to drive traffic into your portal as often as possible. Can you put essential business applications on the dashboard? Can the dashboard be updated every day with important company news? For example, at Dunk & Associates, each day we communicate on our dashboard what staff are out of office, any important events happening during the day, share our wellness tip of the day, etc.

Keep the content fresh

Make refreshing your content on the portal a priority. If an employee logs in and sees the same thing on the site month after month, they may start to make assumptions about the content and will assume nothing is new. Keep it fresh!

Make it fun

Don’t get tied into the traditional uses of your program; think outside the box. Can you create an online cookbook where employees can submit recipes? Can you create treasure hunts for something you hide on the site each month? Can you create a “calming corner” full of resources for de-stressing?

Provide accolades

Systems 24-7 has a feature to add virtual “high fives” to employees for a job well done. This is extremely helpful in virtual workplaces, where you don’t get to interact as often as in a physical workplace. Everyone needs positive feedback now and then. Consider posting success stories, your employee of the month, etc.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

What important things do you need to share? Put it right on your dashboard or even your login page! For example, deals of the week, friends and family events, benefit program reminders, planned service disruptions, etc.

Collect feedback

Who knows better about what they need than your own employees! Open up your platform for feedback. Use a survey to ask questions about what your employees want to see, or what fun ideas they have to make it exciting.

Want some help and suggestions? We hosted a webinar in January about this topic and showed a sneak peek into our own Systems 24-7 account. Access the recording here. You can also give us a call at 1-866-754-8839 or email us at and we would be happy to provide you with ideas and tips!


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