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Evidence Boards

Hello everybody and happy July! We hope everybody is enjoying the summer weather, celebrating the fact that we are slowly returning to normal and are supporting local businesses! This month we wanted to take some time to discuss one of the biggest changes we here at Dunk & Associates Inc. have made to the 2021 Excellence program – our Evidence Boards.

Based on our experiences and the feedback we received in the 2020 program year, we have decided to do away with the Evidence Story and Evidence Upload templates and replace them with one easy-to-follow document – the topic-specific Evidence Board. We listened to your comments that the previous submission templates were not clear on what the expectations were, and we found that many organizations were unsure of which evidence files were considered relevant and what amount of evidence was necessary.

The Evidence Board is much more prescriptive, telling you exactly what evidence to provide and which specific questions to answer. It is also more comprehensive, ensuring that you meet each of the requirements found in the Program Member Guidelines.

The Evidence Boards are to be completed after your organization has already implemented your topics in your workplace and you are ready to send your submission to the WSIB for validation. Despite this, it is always a good idea to take a look at the Evidence Boards during the topic-selection phase so you can get an idea of what the submission expectations are.

We have developed a unique Evidence Board for each of the 36 topics in the Excellence Program and you can access them on the Dunk Excellence Portal by selecting the Foundation Topic, Intermediate Topic or Advanced Topic tabs and clicking your selected topics.


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