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Get Yourself a Back-Up!

No one knows when an employee will leave, but it does happen. Over the last few years, it seems to happen more often. Why is it happening? Are there any specific reasons this is happening? That’s not what this article is about. If you find out though, please let us know. What we are focusing on for this article is making sure you have a backup to your HSEp Implementation.

Dunk has noticed that there has been an increase in our main HSEp contacts who have left their employers during the implementation of the program. Having a backup who knows where the main contact left off is vital to the continuation of the program. Being able to pick up where they left off will ensure that your topics will be successful in achieving a rebate.

We know that everyone is busy and there seem to be fewer resources to rely on, but if you do not have an HSEp backup who is aware of where you are in the program journey and where all your documents are stored, we strongly suggest you get one. You never know when it will happen and the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared. You’ve paid to be in the program and it would be a shame to have to defer your topics and lose out on the whole year because you don’t know where to start to get back on track.

Of course, Dunk will do everything they can to assist you, but there are a few things that we cannot control, such as the time left in your approved action plan, where your supporting documents are kept, and the finer details of your topic implementation. The success of your program hinges on all of these.

When this happens, or even before it happens you should have at least one person as an HSEp backup as a minimum. They can also help you create HSEp content, follow up with your employees to complete training, gather evidence, assist in the evaluation step, and take over without skipping a beat if your main contact leaves.

If your main contact does leave, it is important to:
  • Do a recap of where they left off in the program and where resources are stored before they leave.

  • Hand off the program to the backup

  • Notify Dunk of the change so we can add access to our portals, add them to our distribution lists, and get things back on track if possible.

  • Discuss with Dunk how this will impact your HSEp

Being prepared is crucial to the success of your program and your ability to achieve rebates are dependent on this!

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