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It’s Good to Be Sneaky

Well, that title caught your attention! Read on!

It is good to sneak around and learn. What is the ministry up to? What is happening in the courts? What local initiatives are being discussed for road improvement, infrastructure, and garbage? To manage an effective business, you need to be informed, aware, and provide input to decision makers.

Check out websites and sign up for email notifications. Often legal firms are well ahead of the curve on what is being proposed. Do you read the Dunk newsletter or just delete it? We often have tidbits on what is happening. How are you networking with other businesses? Are you engaged in a Facebook or chat forum?

Take the lead in your organization and sneak, seek, and learn – then bring it back to your business. Share internally what you are hearing and get ahead of the impact. Even minor learnings may have an impact within your organization. You will not realize until you share and someone picks up on it. We remember hearing once at a safety event, that many power bars sold in Canada are not CSA approved. Many attendees took that information back to the workplace and the result was like a ripple in the water. Not only were these items found in the workplace, but more predominantly in people’s homes. One comment by one speaker at a conference of 500 people and the impact was felt far and wide.

So, get out there and learn something and share – let us catch you sneaking around!

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