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What’s in it for Me?

Recruitment has become the focus of many employers, especially those who utilize trades in their business and operations. All too often I hear the slamming of, “this generation”! Lazy, don’t like getting their hands dirty, they ask for holidays in their first months of working! The lamenting of “this generation” has existed for generations of workers. I have never heard exclaimed: “this is the best generation of workers I have ever had”! My generation had to learn phone numbers and operate a gas pedal and a clutch! Well this generation can use technology that most of us can barely figure out how to turn on.

Put a grandparent in a room with their young grandchild and watch the delight! My grandson (3 years old) and I were looking at a picture, he held it in his hand and smiled as he recognized a younger version of his mom. Then he proceeds to swipe at the picture frame to make the next picture appear – I roared, what has Apple done for us! My grandson is amazing, he can use technology like I can use a pen and pencil. So how do we recruit and retain “this generation” or any generation under 40? Prove what is in it for them. They want gratification and to know what they are doing will make a difference. They believe in travel, and flexibility and instant gratification. They are smart, creative and see no limits, so capitalize on that. Learn what their dreams are and show them how working for you will be part of that journey.

Do not hire for life, hire so they can live a life. Be their coach, their mentor; promise them safety, supports, education, experience and a safe space at work. Let them bring to your business all that they are and use that to move your company to levels you never expected. Involve this generation in every aspect of your business, I promise you will learn more from them then they will ever learn from you. Don’t stop their dreaming and creativity; let it inspire yours!

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