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WSIB Excellence Program

WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program



2020 launched the WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program that recognizes an Employer's and workplace's efforts in safety. This new program integrates the strengths of the previous WSIB Small Business, Safety Groups, and Workwell programs. This new model provides a clear road map for Ontario businesses to improve health and safety and achieve recognition and will help make Ontario a healthier and safer place to work.

Whether you are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes you already have in place, the Excellence program can help you reach your goals.

Participants can earn both financial and non-financial rewards and create safer workplaces.

Registration is always open! We hope you decide to join us.


Build health and safety practices that meet or exceed minimum requirements. There are 3 levels to the program.

  1. Understand and meet minimum requirements.

  2. Develop your health and safety program.

  3. Develop a H&S management system to a standard of excellence.


Dunk & Associates, an approved WSIB provider, is a company dedicated to advocacy for the Employer; training the supervisor and ensuring every workplace in Ontario has the opportunity to affordably implement a compliant, realistic and manageable safety program. No company is too large or too small to be in our Excellence program. We offer many resources, but we also offer hundreds of tools to provide you with the skills for implementation of your safety program.


Our role is to:

  • Support your firm in selecting the best health and safety topics for your workplace.

  • Provide resources to build the competencies in your workplace in the health and safety topics you selected.

    • How?

      • Webinars, samples of program elements, training

      • Coaching calls and support networking with other firms

      • Provide resources and answers to your questions

  • Review your work prior to WSIB submission for rebate

  • Identify any gaps or deficiencies and assist your firm to correct and complete before the WSIB review

  • After the WSIB reviews a firm’s submitted evidence of a topic, Dunk will assist in closing any gaps or deficiencies.


Download our info sheet here for more details!


The WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program is a WSIB program in Ontario which helps firms manage a system for health and safety in the workplace. This is accomplished though mentoring, pooling of resources and sharing of best practices between members, Dunk & Associates (your sponsor), and the WSIB. Excellence program members can reduce their workplace injuries and illnesses and be rewarded with rebates on WSIB premiums. Our objective at Dunk & Associates is simple – to help you eliminate workplace injuries and illness, reduce WSIB costs, and help you truly create a healthy workplace culture.


Dunk & Associates has been partnering with the WSIB and delivering their programs since 2003.


The Dunk & Associates Excellence program services all sectors and focuses on small to mid-sized businesses and corporate businesses with multiple locations/franchises. Our program is comprised of those in healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, retail, food service, automotive, transportation, construction, municipal services, and more. We serve all of Ontario, regardless of geographic region. We host our Orientation and meetings virtually by webinar making it easy for you to attend and, if requested, we can do site visits anywhere in Ontario for an additional fee.


In addition to the financial benefits of participating, see how the Excellence program:

  • Helps your organization set goals and objectives for the health and safety program.

  • Can reduce the injury rate of the specific hazard that a topic addresses (such as slips, trips and falls).

  • Addresses high-rated hazards or program deficiencies in a meaningful way.

  • Contains 5 steps of implementation to ensure each topic becomes a living and breathing part of the organization.

  • Demonstrates leadership commitment to health and safety.

  • Completed work is validated by the WSIB and recognized as successful.

  • Demonstrates a health and safety program is functioning within the organization for Accreditation Canada, Ministry inspectors, and has been used to defend against orders and charges by regulatory bodies. 

  • Should be used in recruitment and retention of employees as a benefit of employment – safety and wellness!

  • Success is a steppingstone to OHS Accreditation in Ontario with the MLTSD.



  • Each firm with a WSIB account number completes an online, one-time assessment with the WSIB to determine what level they will enter the program at.

  • Employers can choose to work on 1 to 5 health and safety topics in a 12-month period.

  • Topics provide for customization to your business size and sector – make these topics work for you! Choose your level of entry and the topics which are relevant to you.

  • Registration is open all year and you can start whenever you want. Dunk offers 4 orientation sessions a year.

  • Financial and non-financial recognition is based on your firm’s individual success.

  • Dunk offers the supports, networking and competency building tools, samples and supports you need to succeed.

  • Webinar meetings, online training, sample policies, forms, and content for all 5 steps of implementing your selected topics.

  • Need onsite support and one-to-one service – that is available as well – additional fees apply.



  1. Attend an info session with the WSIB or Dunk to learn about the program and the journey of excellence.

  2. Join: Choose an approved provider (Dunk is an approved provider), complete an assessment and select from 1-5 topics to work on.

  3. Develop: Learn and implement safety topic(s) with the services and supports of Dunk. Dunk reviews, online, all evidence prior to the next step of WSIB submission.

  4. Demonstrate: Submit evidence of implementation for review by a WSIB validator.

  5. Achieve: Receive rebates and non-financial recognition.

  6. Validate: An onsite WSIB visit to validate the evidence you submitted for a topic may occur.

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