WSIB Excellence program

Excellence Pricing

Fees for WSIB Excellence program are for a 12-month enrollment. You may enter the program at any time during the calendar year. There are two fees:

Fee 1: Provider Enrollment Fee

$650 per $1 million in WSIB Premiums per account/firm number

Includes Dunk & Associates supports and services and competency development tools. Fees are based on 2020 premium amounts. Please estimate as needed. If paying less than $1 million in premiums, the fee remains $650.

Fee 2: Topic Review Fee

$150 per Topic per account/firm number


Includes Topic review submission prior to WSIB review. It is a requirement of the program that the approved provider approves each Topic submission prior to the WSIB review. To participate, a minimum selection and completion of one Topic is required to a maximum of five in a 12-month period. Any unused topics will not carry over. The more topics selected and successfully achieved, the greater the rebate potential.