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Managing Your Systems 24-7 Website

As an administrator at your organization there are probably a million tasks that require your time in a day. Each one more urgent than the last, pulling you in every direction. Who has time for something like health and safety? Here at Dunk & Associates, we understand that and appreciate how valuable your time is. This is the reason why we have created your website to be as user friendly and efficient as possible. From one easy platform, you can keep track and manage all of your employees, pull employee reports, and create your own training courses. All of these features can be accessed from your Administrator tab on your organization’s website.

Starting with the Add Employee feature under Employee Settings, you can add a new employee to the system, from permanent employees, to volunteers or even students. You also have the ability to manage all of these employees from the Manage Employee option, whether they be past employees or present employees. Simply view your employees by Status. Past employees can be set as Inactive while present employees remain as Active. Depending on your administrative level you may also have the ability to further filter employees by their province, site, or department. Once you have selected your employee there are a variety of settings that you may alter. You can update their employee number, add a date of hire, and change their email address, user type, category that they belong to, or password. Using your Employee Settings feature you can also customize the online training courses assigned to each employee and even add scores to online courses, placeholders, or events.

To monitor how your employees are doing with your safety program simply select the System Report feature. From here you can pull Training Reports, Survey Reports, Monthly Talk Reports, and Library Reports. Want to know how a specific site is doing on their health and safety training? All you have to do is pull a Basic Training Report to see an overview of the training progress of all users within your organization. Want more information? Simply view a Detailed Training Report, which offers more filters to see specific reporting by course, user, etc. Curious about whether your employees are reading and signing off on their policies or forms? You can check using the Detailed Library Resources Report. The piece of mind that your organization is following your health and safety program is at your fingertips.

The final feature that will be discussed is your Course Settings tab where you have the ability to create new training modules for your organization. Systems 24-7 gives you the tools to create custom modules to fit your every need and the ability to assign them to specific provinces, sites, or departments. No longer need a module? No problem! Simply deactivate that module by clicking the eye icon. If you decide that you would like to continue using it, all you need to do is click the icon again to reactivate it. Accidentally duplicated a module? Just delete it then! The ability to create your own modules is not only easy, we’ve made it fun as well.

Being an administrator for your health and safety program might not be the most glamorous of jobs but with the help of your Systems 24-7 website it will be productive and effective. For more information on any of the features discussed or to learn more about the system, feel free to contact us here at Dunk & Associates. We also offer webinars on Systems 24-7 every month. We would love to see you there!

Join us on Wednesday, September 12th at 1:00pm EDT for our Welcome to Systems 24-7 webinar. Each month we explore features of the program to better assist our clients. This month we will be reviewing the All-in-one feature.

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