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Dunk & Associates Safety Groups Program

When we ask our Ontario clients why they haven’t joined WSIB Safety Groups, they often say, “I don’t have time.” But if you’re already a Dunk & Associates private client, you’re already doing the work. Here’s why you should be in our safety group:

There is a 7% potential rebate. For many of our clients, this rebate offsets the costs of services with Dunk & Associates.

The WSIB and MOL view participation in Safety Groups as evidence that the workplace is engaged in creating a “safe work culture”. We’ve seen it many times where inspectors walk out of our clients’ workplaces without orders or concerns; they know this company is in Safety Group and with our Dunk & Associates services.

If it happens that you have a critical injury or fatality in your workplace, participating in Safety Groups adds to your due diligence defense. It demonstrates your commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.


“Health and safety certainly is not the easiest thing, but yet we can call Dunk & Associates to get answers, get clear direction, and follow-up. The Safety Groups program itself is an excellent program because it gets you to get all the policies and training that you need to have in your workplace; but it’s also a way for you to truly connect with health and safety from a high level and keep going with it. Whenever governing bodies have come onto our site, they have been so impressed with the things that we have done and we couldn’t have done any of it without Dunk & Associates.”

- Jermaine Brisset, Oakdale Golf and Country Club (A Safety Group Member who utilizes Systems 24-7 and Dunk’s Professional Safety Services)


Training can be expensive. Our webinar meetings are great training opportunities and help build competencies for supervisors, managers and safety committee members. We train in inspection, investigation, return to work, and more. Meetings are included in your Safety Group fee so you can have as many people attend as you wish, at no additional cost.

If you are a private client utilizing our professional services in health and safety, the work for the 2019 Safety Groups program will be accomplished through your monthly implementation packages, making your additional time commitment minimal. If you’re already doing the work, why not get the rebate?

Just two bad workplace accident/incident injury claims will cost more than participating in this program. Employers who participate in Safety Groups see a greater reduction in injury frequency and severity. Why? Because your whole workplace is actively engaged in the activities of Safety Group.

For those clients who are not utilizing our professional services, by participating you’ll get access to hundreds of policy and procedure samples already up to the highest legislative standards. And we highly encourage you to rob and duplicate!

You’ll get to network with other companies in your sector (and others) to problem-solve on similar issues. You may even learn about other unique problems that you have not had to see yet, giving you the foresight needed to stop a problem before it happens. We learn from each other and our participants are able to work together for the common goal of creating healthy workplaces.


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