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Pass Rate on Dunk & Associates' e-Learning

A Response to your Questions

Our e-learning programs are developed to meet regulatory compliance and acceptance by the Ministries of Labour across Canada. In order for the Ministry of Labour to accept e-learning training as valid and meaningful, we must demonstrate two things; one, that knowledge was transferred, and two, that the learner actually read the modules.

Our tests are developed in such a way that the answers either come from the learning, or from the recall gained during the module. That is why a few of the questions require a recall of information to answer correctly. This has meant that the Ministry of Labour has repeatedly accepted our e-learning modules as a valid form of training.

It is within your business decision to lower the passing score for customized module content and/or questions. We made a business decision at Dunk & Associates on the new Systems 24-7 platform to use the 100% pass at the recommendation of both the Ministry of Labour and WSIB in Ontario.

If there are any questions, please let me know. Contact us at

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