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2019 WSIB Safety Group has Launched!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

It has been an exciting launch to the 2019 WSIB Safety Group in Ontario! Thank you to the 350 firms who registered with our Dunk & Associates group and decided to join us, on this journey of excellence, in Health and Safety. Monthly in our newsletter we provide an update, reminders and information on the Safety Group program:

  • We have received all action plans and have all elements approved for 2019 – well done everyone!

  • Orientation, meeting 1 and 2 recordings and presentation materials have been posted on the SG portal.

  • There is only one portal access per firm and account number, please share that access within your organization.

  • As you complete the steps in the Safety Group program please ensure that you are recording your progress on the portal.

  • The First Progress reports are due June 1st and the forms are on the portal under WSIB reports, please email completed reports to Kristen. We are looking for an indication of what has been completed. In the appropriate boxes please put in completed, or in progress for each element and step. If you need help, please write “help” on the form when you send it in.

  • Our 3rd meeting webinar is on Thursday May 9th 9am till 12 noon; please ensure you have pre-registered.

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