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Our Journey to Excellence through Ontario WSIB Safety Groups

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Wow, 350 firms participating in our Ontario WSIB Safety Groups program in 2019! A 30% + increase from 2018 and what a journey we are taking!

The WSIB is offering Employers an enticing opportunity to take a new journey towards a safer work environment. It is time for Ontario businesses to move beyond compliance and take a better path; the creation of healthy workplaces, safety of body, well-being in mental health, and the protection of property/products is what we offer in the new WSIB Excellence Program.

Dunk & Associates is appreciative of the strong, energizing partnership we have with the WSIB in bringing the tools and incentives to engage Employers to manage health and safety. The alignment with the MOL initiatives and road to Ontario Accreditation is a journey that we, at Dunk, fully believe in. Our mission to is advocate, help, support and encourage Employers on this journey. From the small owner/operator to the large multi-location Employer, we are here to offer policies, tools, and the “know how” to achieve excellence!

Why incentivize Employers? The answer is simple; to engage them on a “culture” journey that goes beyond compliance. Incentives to Employers benefits all workplace parties (employees, unions, contractors, suppliers) and our communities. When Employers strive to build upon the skills of their workforce and to build a culture that is safe at work, that evolution reaches into our communities. Employers then see the value when they can see the vision of building a better workforce, with higher retention and motivation. These workers, whether they stay or move forward, benefit from their work-life and experience. This cultural change to building the best employees and offering the best in good products/services means better lives for all of us.

Thank you to the WSIB and the Ministry of Labour for the collaborative work you are engaged in. We at Dunk & Associates appreciate the “seat” at the table and our visioning together. Our journey in Safety Groups 2019, the visioning for 2020 and the Health & Safety Excellence program in Ontario is an opportunity we are excited about!


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