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Maintenance of Elements for Hybrid Firms Please Read

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Did your firm come back to Safety Group in 2019? Were you in SGAP in 2018 and now in Regular Safety Group in 2019? The WSIB requires all firms in the Safety Group Hybrid Program to maintain elements from previous years in 2019.

To assist with this requirement, Dunk has created an activity to be completed. Attached here is an excel worksheet to record the activity on. Instructions are included on the first sheet of the document. This activity also helps you prepare for the new Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEP) element selection in 2020. We are sending this activity now so you can plan on having it completed by November 2019 when we are evaluating our elements. This was discussed in our June webinar meeting, and we will be reviewing this activity at our September 12th webinar meeting.

In addition, Dunk has provided resources for communication to your workplace on the SG portal. This includes a template of a newsletter that covers all maintained elements, safety talks and posters for the elements. All of this is located on your Safety Group portal. Under the left-hand menu item “Safety Group Resources” ; click on item #3 "Maintenance of Elements Hybrid Activity". Then click on each drop down to view the activity, newsletter template and the additional communication materials.

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