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Announcing New Systems 24-7 Training Reports

Since March this year, Systems 24-7 has been beta testing new training reports. On July 1st, 2019 Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7 will be launching and transitioning all Systems 24-7 clients to the new training reports. Access to the old reports will be removed on this date. If you have already been using our new reports, that’s amazing! You will not experience any further updates or changes.

If you haven’t yet experienced our new reports, now is the time to get in the system and play! We have more reports available and better features. With our new reports, you can save your selected filters to make reporting easier in the future, view length of time a user spends completing training, export (to csv, pdf), print, and more.

As always, our favourite report for everyday use is our Detailed Training Report. This is a permission-based report with a variety of filters available to allow you to drill down deeper on your departments, employees, courses and more.

Detail Training Report Screenshot

To download our user guide on how to use and get the most out of our training reports, please click here. In addition, Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7 facilitated a webinar on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 to demonstrate the new reports and other new functionality. Please contact us if you wish to have a copy of this recording.

For any questions and for technical assistance using our new reports, please contact us at or call us at 1-866-754-8839.

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