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Announcing the Systems 24-7 Event Scheduler

Updated: Apr 10

How many times has your business held an event and been frustrated because you have no registration system? You have no way of tracking who’s coming, no way of validating that they have completed any kind of pre-requisite before attending, and no way to effectively communicate changes in date, time or location.

Systems 24-7 has you covered. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Event Scheduler program which provides your organization with a registration system to add events, confirm attendance, print sign-in sheets, create wait lists, email registrants, create certificates, and more.

Is attendance at your event limited to select individuals in your organization? With permission-based tools, you can even specify who has permission to view and register.

In cases where your event is hosted by an outside company, we help you cut out the middle man to make your life easier. Set up the company as a facilitator and they will gain access to managing their event(s) in your scheduling program. You can allow them to email registrants, cancel registrations, confirm attendance, and even upload and email their own certificates.

Over the years, we have heard a number of organizations complain that they have employees who say they will be somewhere, and then don’t attend. What do you do? In our attendance settings, you can now document the reason why the employee didn’t show – allowing you to easily connect attendance with their performance.

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