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From the Desk of Nancy Dunk: Reflections on COVID-19

I clearly remember where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. The world changed after 9/11; including security and how we travel. I wonder, as we learn to live with the threat of COVID-19, for whatever period of time it takes, what will be the lasting change? Will facial coverings become a standard piece of attire? Will proper hand washing/sanitization be taught in our schools and enforced in all places? Will physical distancing be the norm for high risk populations?

Now has become a time to really reflect on who we are. Did you indulge in distractions over the pandemic or did you take this time to ponder? Are we finding new forms of escapism, such as binge watching movies/shows, eating emotionally, or drinking, etc. or are we taking this time to explore God and ourselves? Are we taking the time to wonder how life will be different?

Personally, I find a desire to ponder, and treasure things in my heart; moments of love, friendship, work with our clients and the supports and services we offer. I am grateful for all those lives we touch and how I feel connected to the struggles of other employers and workplaces. I wonder and try to imagine how my life and our business will be different a month from now, when we are hopefully in a freer society.

My personal reflections have brought me to a place of realizing the suffering that comes from unemployment, the need for a minimum living wage and a deep desire to work at creating jobs and opportunities. Work is a gift that we, the entrepreneurs, can give to our community and society. As we live through this pandemic, I am encouraged by the strength that we are all able to conjure. I look forward to working with employers and workplaces on strategies, resources and tools to build stronger communities, workplaces and lives.

Stay safe, God bless!



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