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Be a Bartender

Today, I had a great conversation with an employer who asked me, “do you feel like a bartender?” I thought about and it, and he nailed it! That is exactly the role Dunk & Associates plays with the Employers of Canada. We are the listening, caring and supportive bartender. What about in your workplace?

Are supervisor, managers and leaders’ good listeners? Do they care about the experience of the employees in the workplace? Do they provide that support needed for a successful work-life? Sometimes our role as supervisors is to help our employees discern what is work and what is home. We are there to not judge or criticize, but often to ask the difficult question; “well, what are you going to do about that?”

Spending 4, 5, or 8+ hours a day interacting with our colleagues, clients, customers and patients gives us a wide circle of impact. Leadership that listens and offers a clear view of situations and identifies inappropriate behaviour holds a great value. If you are a leader, supervisor or a manger assess your “bartender skills”. Can you listen objectively? Can you hear the sorrow, the pain, the joy, the excitement and relate to those sharing with you? We all need a good “bartender” in our life and perhaps the one you are looking for is at work.


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