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Congratulations to the Beer Store! You've Done it

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Beer Store is our first firm to complete their work, submit their evidence and earn their rebate! Congratulations! Take a look below at how the Beer Store made their way through the program. Learn about the successes and challenges they faced, and how they overcame them to earn that well deserved rebate! They did it, and you can too!

“Our goal was primarily based on improving our current H&S Management System, we desired to select topics that required some improvements and would provide added life to our safety program.

The Dunk webinars provided us with much needed guidance and support. This new Safety Group protocol was initially challenging to navigate, however many of our inquiries and concerns were addressed in the webinars and through separate phone calls with Holly and Nancy. We enrolled in the program December 2019, determined to do our best and see where the path led us.

There was no shortage of resources available through the Dunk website. Additionally, the WSIB website provided surveys and other tools that aided us in choosing topics based on the unique needs of our organization, as mentioned, this was more than just a rudimentary exercise, we wanted this to demonstrate tangible improvements in our safety management structure.

The outbreak of the pandemic really created quite a bit of stress organizationally. We did contemplate withdrawing from the program and concentrating on COVID-19 specific safety measures. After some deliberation we decided to remain committed to the Excellence Program, a decision we are glad we made. Involvement in the program actually aided us steer our way through this unprecedented situation.

Topics continued to be fine-tuned by our team and reviewed by Dunk between June through August. The feedback was timely and well done as it aided us in providing details surrounding our H&S story, describing successes and opportunities for improvement. Feedback from Holly and Nancy helped us to better tell our story in a cohesive way, where it showed that H&S is living and breathing through good times and bad. Once again, accessibility and availability helped us work through this collectively.

The value of the program is encompassed around improvement, not having perfect policies and procedures. By stressing advancement we could identify obstacles and put plans in place to overcome them. This reality based approach was something we appreciated.

Initially we thought this undertaking would be intimidating and difficult, however as we progressed and gained a comfort level we started to see evidence of visible benefits. In spite of the potential setbacks that COVID-19 generated, we are happy we stayed the course and would recommend to other organizations to do the same."

Jeff Wilcox

Director, Health and Safety/Disability Management

The Beer Store

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