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Did you hear?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Did you hear that we all are getting two weeks paid holidays courtesy of our government?....

Just kidding. That would be nice wouldn’t it? But I bet this got your attention! But why did it get your attention? Were you thrilled that you were being offered two weeks paid holidays, or were you more concerned about some crazy new scheme and government payout? We can likely all agree that in 2020/2021, and now as we head into 2022, we are on information overload.

“Wear this”, “stand here”, “yes, no, ok. I am not sure!” What a crazy life we are leading! So, let’s breathe. For just a few minutes please give yourself a break. It is perfectly ok to feel what you are feeling and just acknowledge that life has been rough. Of course, there have been moments of joy, sunshine, and positiveness, but we are exhausted. Feeling better?...No? Now what? Perhaps what we all need is a little hope.

2022 can be our year to learn to dream again. What are your dreams? What would you like? For me, life has become about simplicity. I downsized my home and even my car. I have purged and not rebought – now that was a challenge. My fridge is half full and with only what I will eat, not purchases I thought might be good. I am trying to take a simpler path. I have not purchased any new clothing in over a year and have given way anything I have not worn in a year. I have found a seamstress to make my clothes fit better, and to add some flare to a few items. I have repurposed things and am enjoying, not just the savings, but the feeling.

So, what is my hope? It is that I start to live! I want to take singing lessons. I want to paint and spend as much time as possible with my kids and grandchildren. Work is a big part of my life and so are our clients. I worry and fret over the challenges you are facing, and I pray for you. I pray for your wellbeing, your health and your happiness. Some of you I pray for by name but I always remember all of our clients and their businesses in my offering of prayer. Why? Because I want you to be the best version of yourself and for you to be well.

Join me; dream, hope and pray. There is nothing more peaceful than knowing you are not alone. You are cherished, you are appreciated, and I am so proud of our staff, clients and the work we have all done together to create healthier, safer and more vibrant workplaces.

Happiness, peace and health in 2022.

Nancy Dunk


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