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Sending Dunk Your Evidence Submissions

We have touched base on how to complete your topic evidence submissions, next comes the challenge of sending us your submissions. It seems easy but depending on the size of your submissions, it may be more complicated than anticipated.

There are a couple factors which may make it challenging to email us your submissions:

Document Type and Size

When you attach your supporting evidence into the evidence board, certain files are larger than others. Images or photos taken from your phone are quite large in size and take up lots of megabytes (mb). Dunk has always suggested using PDF files where applicable (i.e. policies, training records, reports, etc.) These can be easily done by printing the document to PDF in the applicable printing option for your software platform. This will greatly reduce the size and allows WSIB to open the document to be able to read it. Additionally, sometimes photos are blurry and illegible. Also, if you are adding videos or audio clips, which is perfectly acceptable and encouraged, these files also take up lots of megabytes.

Email Sending Limits

Most email accounts have sending limits. This varies per account but typically ranges from 15mb to 35mb. A typical evidence board, if PDFs are utilized, is between 4mb and 8mb in size. Dunk has seen submissions in excess of 50mb, which contain many images and too much information. Sometimes it’s better to submit one topic per email if the submission sizes are larger instead of all of them in one email.

The purpose of the evidence boards is to assist our members and keep them on track. We ask the questions that need to be answered and provide examples of the document types that should be attached to demonstrate successful topic implementation. By following these suggestions, it keeps the submission size down. Once Dunk receives your submissions, we will review and provide feedback to improve your submission. We also try to remove any unnecessary information to keep your evidence submission relevant to the topic.

As both Dunk and WSIB do not use Google Docs or Google Drive, we cannot accept any of

those file types as they cannot be opened. There are other options available to our members if the above suggestions have been applied and still do not work. Please reach out to Dunk if you are still having difficulties.


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