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We Believe in Sharing What We Know

We offer our clients and the general public free access to our online webinars. Register for one today!


Dunk & Associates offers our clients and the general public free access to our online webinars. “But, why would we give them to you for free?” you might ask. We don’t think accessing information should be a “paid-for” service. We believe in sharing! Plus, if you attend one of our webinars, you might learn about all the other great services we have to offer and decide to give it a try – or just remember us for later. A win for you – a win for us.

In case you’ve never attended one of our webinars before, they are an incredible way of staying on top of key topics in health and safety and human resources, keeping in the loop on changes in legislation, and simply being provided with a forum to ask your questions. Our webinars are conversations where you get to bring your questions to the table and get a response from our professionals.


All webinars are facilitated by a professional and experienced staff member, so you can be assured you are getting good information. All webinars are also recorded for easy viewing. Following the event, you will be provided with a link to the recorded event and a copy of the webinar presentation for you to reference at any time, or even share within your workplace.


Speak up and participate or sit back and absorb that knowledge!

Get access to past webinars and share them as a resource at your workplace.

We are pleased to offer the following webinars.

Please click the links to view and register for upcoming opportunities.


Every month Dunk & Associates offers at least one public webinar on key topics in health and safety, human resources, or claims management. Our topics are relevant and an important resource in improving leadership training and skill development. We discuss a wide range of topics such as how to discipline effectively, identity theft and security, successfully working from home, and so much more. At the end of the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.


Are you a new client to our programs or interested in our services? Attend this webinar to receive an overview of Systems 24-7’s products and services. At Systems 24-7, we provide you with all the information and tools you need to effectively manage your business programs. Attend this session and learn what we have to offer. Each month we will explore, in-depth, the features of the program, portal administration, and any new features. We will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions with live demonstration.


Excellence Program webinars are part of the WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program. Each month we discuss key topics to help our members achieve success in the program and to earn their WSIB rebate. These webinars are not free to the public but they are free to members. Have a look through the list and contact us if you see something you are interested in or check out more information on the Excellence Program. It could be for you!

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