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New Features and Updates to Systems 24-7

Systems 24-7 is a business management platform owned and developed by Dunk & Associates, right here in Ontario, Canada. We are proud to say that we have created a close-knit community with our clients, where we are constantly listening to your wants and needs as business owners/managers. Systems 24-7 is designed with one goal in mind, to make managing your business programs (like health and safety) easier and more affordable. In the last quarter, we have released the following new features and updates to Systems 24-7. Continue reading below for a complete list.

New and Updated Features

Below is a list of all our newly developed or updated features. For more information or to book a demonstration, please call us at 1-866-754-8839 or email us at

Notification Center

The notification centre is your place to control the emails that come from Systems 24-7. Under this feature you can decide who the email is sent to, what is sent in the email, and in some cases, the frequency the email is sent. Email templates currently available for you to customize include:

  • Training Course has Expired

  • Training Course Expiring Soon

  • Forgot Username

  • Forgot Password

  • New Account Username

  • New Account Password

Want more information about using the notification centre? See the admin user guide here.

Font Size Modifier

For better web accessibility, we have added a font size modifier to Systems 24-7 in the top right-hand corner. Use the font modifier to increase, decrease or reset the font size of the website at a click of a button. Log in and give it a try!

Basic Training Report Horizontal Scroll

The basic training report was updated to allow you to scroll left and right within the report output, making web visibility of the report more user-friendly. See the admin user guide here and refer to the section on the Basic Training Report for more details.

Detailed Training Report Update

The detailed training report is our preferred training report. To make the report easier to use, we expanded the report options and included clarification on report type. Here is a list of the current report types:

  • Incomplete Training

  • Status of All Training

  • Complete Training

  • 100% Completed

Want more information about using the detailed training report? See the admin user guide here.

Course Printables Update

When you create a course on Systems 24-7, you have the ability to turn on our “printables” feature within the course. This allows you to upload resources and documents to the course as “printable” or downloadable materials. Printables are viewable in the course table of contents under the printables menu item. In addition to adding documents, we have recently updated the feature to allow you to add URL links, such as to websites to go to for more information, etc.

Want more information about course printables? See the admin user guide here and refer to the section on printables.


​​On Tuesday, August 11th from 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT, we are hosting our quarterly Systems 24-7 webinar, where we will demonstrate some of our new features and updates. In this coming webinar, we will be reviewing the new notification centre, course printables, and updates to the basic and detail training reports. Have any questions about using the system? Bring them to this webinar and we’ll be happy to answer them with a live demonstration.

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